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28 April 2007 @ 12:14 am
Webcomic Report Cards: Family Man  
Webcomic Report Cards:
Family Man

By Dylan Meconis
Link: http://dylanmeconis.com/familyman
April 28, 2007

Dylan Meconis is a long-time veteran of the webcomic medium so perhaps it should be no surprise that her latest comic, Family Man, comes out looking good no matter how you measure it. It is incredibly well researched, original, well written, and most of all beautiful. Even the website is sleek and efficient.

Family Man is ostensibly the story of Luther Levy, a young eighteenth century scholar in Germany who finds himself out of work until he encounters a strange man from out of town. To date not much has happened apart from an exploration of Luther’s home life and family. By webcomic standards, one might risk labeling this comic as boring and only fit for webcomic readers as obsessed with historical drama as I am. But just wait. Dylan has dropped hints in the website’s notes about werewolves. Clearly whatever has happened so far in the story is merely the warm-up to the main event. So keep reading.

Even with only a partial story available so far the characters hold their own very well. Each has a voice and a personality and already I care what happens to them. Even having two main characters as identical twins only causes minor confusion. Surely good character writing suggests good plot development down the road.

Above all else, however, what makes Family Man stand out in my mind is the quality of the art. Ripe with historical details, intricate backgrounds, and expressive if somewhat odd-looking characters, the whole is presented in a tinted monochrome with plenty of atmosphere. Even if the plot or the characters never progressed any farther than they have to date I would still recommend this comic for the art alone. Luckily I have every reason to believe that Dylan knows what she’s doing and that the writing will have little trouble keeping pace with the art.

Writing and dialogue: A-
Plot and pacing (including panel break-downs): B+
Art: A
Originality: A-
Presentation (including website and update schedule): A-

Overall grade: A- (93%)
Angie M.jammyness on April 29th, 2007 01:36 am (UTC)
You always find such interesting comics...